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about eurasian institute
We are an international brand established in 2017 by Institute of Management, Economics and Innovations in Moscow.

The main role of the Eurasian Institute is become a gateway to Russia for international students through its (1) Foundation Program recognized by state universities for comprehensive preparation of foreign students to study, work and live in Russia, and (2) MBA Eurasia Online program developed according to the best academic and professional standards.

Since 2017 Eurasian Institute has prepared hundreds of students from all over the world for dozens of Russian universities. Now Institute focuses on training qualified management staff for businesses in Eurasia.

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MBA Eurasia Online promo-video
MBA Program Information
Since XX century Eurasia, the Heartland, has evolved from just a geographical term into political, economic, and cultural space. Taking into account different dimensions of the current level of development of Eurasian countries this continent has enormous untapped potential that will drive the growth of regional economies and will inevitably encourage cooperation within Eurasia. This is very much the trend of the Glocalization concept. Eurasian Institute is here to facilitate Eurasian integration processes and serve the needs of education and cultural organizations, the local community of businessmen and aspirants across Eurasian countries considering or implementing cross-border projects and initiatives in Eurasia.
Eurasian Institute in cooperation with Education Export Center has developed a special MBA program for representatives of the Eurasian business community. The program is oriented on entrepreneurs who would like to get actual knowledge and skills in Business Development in Eurasia as well as get an opportunity for networking across the diverse landscapes of Greater Eurasia. Specialists of the Eurasian Institute have used the global experience of doing business in different countries of Eurasia in order to fill in education modules with actual content. Because of this fact exactly, the MBA Eurasia Online program can become an ideal driver of business development for our audience, wherever they are.
Successful graduates get Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.
The program has been created to provide entrepreneurs with actual knowledge and skills in international business management. An important part of the educational process is the support and nurturing of entrepreneurial spirit based on serious practical business development experience. The program develops the decision-making ability through analysis and critical thinking, which is especially important for work in a constantly changing business environment.
Recommended duration of the MBA Eurasia Online program is 24 months but not less than 12 months and be prolonged if required. The maximum duration is four years. We recommend allocating 12 – 15 hours per week for studying.
Welcoming Speech by EI Director
Mr Dmitri Nersesyan
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Course Modules
Personal Skills Development
Upgrade your mindset and attitude towards solving tasks and become successful businessmen.
Strategic Management
Rise up above your routine and start thinking out of the box mapping your future career or business for years ahead.
Marketing Management
Learn how to market products and services and communicate them to the market depending on their attributes and market demand.
Managing Human Resources
Proper personnell solves every problem, as once was said. Learn how to search, select, hire, and manage human resources in order to get the best results for the company.
Operation Management
You will want to keep a close eye on company's operations to achieve customer satisfaction while keeping things effective and manageable.
Financial Management
Financial sustainability is one of the cornerstones of every organization and you will get familiarized with all its aspects.
Learn about classical and modern concepts of introducing corporate changes through leadership and personal determination.
The module is critical for successful completion of the MBA program through preparation of proper dissertation.
The Personal Development Module includes the making of individual portfolio. You will also have to complete two exercises under the temporary control, which must be completed within 24 hours. Also, in the attestation, there will be 4 exercises and a dissertation.
Age — from 23 years and above.
Academic pathway — higher education certificate with at least 2 years of management experience.
Professional pathway — professional qualification with at least 4 years of management experience.

New intakes start in November, February, May, and August.
Scanned copy of passport.
Evidence of previous education.
Tuition Fees
You can pass full MBA program
or take each module separately
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